Trip Tracer

Trip Tracer is a handy and fun app for logging any type of journey you make take. From a short tour to a cross country trip let Trip Tracer save your memory’s. Insert markers or photos threw the app that will be displayed in the exact position they were taken on your custom review.

Your start page.

Select new to begin a new recording or Logs to review previous recorded journeys.

Trip Tracer

When starting a new trip you will prompted to enter a unique file name. Note there is no need to add a extension type here Trip Tracer takes care of that for you.

Your recording screen displays the GPs singal strength in the centre of the screen as a percentage up to 100.

Tapping the symbol shown above will add a marker point to your personalized file. Select Stop when your trip has ended.

Selecting the photo icon will open your camera and save a image to your device. A marker will also be added to your custom map where you may view it threw the application.

Selecting View Logs will present you with a list of all your recorded trips

From the Select Logs screen a single click will display a map of your route and any markers that you have added.

Basic Marker

Simple Marker

Picture Marker

Picture Marker

These are the marker styles Selecting a Picture Marker “P” will display the image taken at that location. The basic maker will display the longitude and latitude where the marker was added.

A long press on your View Logs screen will present you with a few options for the selected file.

Trip Data

Special Notes

For android devices with a API 8 or higher the app will not record data when sleeping or running in the background without turning of battery optimization.

1 >  Open Settings – Apps &  notifications – App Info

2 > Find and select Trip Tracer

3 > Select Battery optimization

4 > From the list select  Trip Tracer again and select          Don’t optimize

5 > your all done

This is a example of the basic information dialog when selected from the individual trip menu from a long press.