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Bus Vallarta Pro for Android

Need help navigating the bus system in Puerto Vallarta , then give Bus Vallarta a try. Bus Vallarta is designed to aid you in getting around Puerto Vallarta and the surrounding areas. Our routes cover you from Sayulita to Mismaloya and most points in-between. Check out our help page from the main menu for more information.

Bus Vallarta Pro

BusVallarta (ios)

The same great android app now for ios.

Bus Vallarta (ios)

Riding the Buses in PuertoVallarta

The bus can be a cheap and sometimes very interesting way of getting around Puerto Vallarta and Nayarit. Many major bus stops will usually have someone there to help you find the correct bus you would need to get you to your destination. Look for someone with a clipboard or notebook helping other traveller’s.

When getting on the bus and paying your fare always remember to take your ticket (Boleto). There are times when an inspector will enter the bus along the route and ask to see your ticket to confirm you have paid. There are times the driver will not be handing out tickets , mostly on the ATM or Compostela busses serving Nayarit. If you’re the only one that did not get a ticket you should ask for one. On the Puerto Vallarta Buses always make sure you get your ticket.

The vans are an alternative to the bus. They are usually the same price but can be a little faster than the regular buses as they do not make as many stops and sometimes use a slightly faster route depending on there destination.


Bus Vallarta relies on GPS data and some limited internet connectivity, when either is interrupted results can be effected and may not always be updated quickly. Always use caution when walking and near traffic. Some routes out side of Puerto Vallarta may be limited and may not always present you with all options. We are always working on updating these routes to improve your experience.