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Get started with Bus Vallarta

One Bus Vallarta has found your location simply select ” Find your Bus ” and enter your destination in the search box that is displayed on the next screen. A complete set of steps will be presented for you to complete your trip. Close the steps screen to view the full map displaying start , stop and any transfer points you may need and with access to other features such as cost and trip durations.  If you are currently not in Puerto Vallarta the search feature will automatically start you at the Puerto Vallarta airport. When using Bus Vallarta please follow and obey all traffic laws for your safety. You will find the bus operators to be helpful and friendly and despite any language barriers they will do there best to aid you in anyway.

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BusVallarta iphone main screen

Main Screen

Select to open the search function to find a bus route

A list of some of our users favorite destinations

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The settings menu

The settings menu has two possible selections.

  1.  Allow reporting sends basic information to us if a route is not found. The type of information sent contains your current location and the destination you have selected. ChikoApps does not collect or store any personal device information. Once the route is inspected the data is removed from the server.
  2. Show compass directions allows the custom compass arrow and the bus stop bar to be displayed.




Search for your destination

The search function will be displayed after selecting ” Find your bus ” .

Enter your destination or search for items like Restaurants





The route/directions screen

The route/directions screen

When you have selected a destination the routes screen will be displayed showing your bus stops and transfers points if required.



Your home button takes you back to the beginning


Select the location but to start a new search


The steps button will display your directions in a simply text format


This selection will allow you to change your current location to anywhere in Puerto Vallarta or the surrounding area. When selected the icon will be highlighted red as a reminder you are not using your current location. Select again and your location returns to your current position.


The compass arrow is a directional aid that will point you in the direction of your next stop or transfer. This can be very useful in the busy city center to navigate you in the right direction. When walking please use all precautions and follow all basic traffic rules.


The stops bar indicates the next stop or transfer you are currently on route to. When you are within 20 meters of the displayed point the bar will update automatically to the next destination point.


Your location on the map


Your first bus. Your trip starts here


Your transfer out marker. Exit here for your first transfer.  Transfer markers that contain a green dot are verified stops. If any of the transfer markers are missing the green circle they are a approximate stop consult your driver if more information is needed.


Your bus stop transfer in marker.  If a second transfer is required the second stop markers will be a darker color


If both transfer points are at the same location this icon will be displayed


Your final bus stop


Your destination


Select this item to access other basic route information such as total cost or trip duration when available



Using the new location feature

When first selecting the new location feature your search box will display ” Enter new Location “.  Type and select the starting destination you would like to use for accessing possible bus routes. Once your new location is selected search for your bus routes as  described at the beginning of this help section. When using Bus Vallarta  outside of Puerto Vallarta area your location will be first set at the airport , you may change this location by using the new location feature. Please note that the directions aid is disabled when setting a new location.




Selecting Markers

When tapping on a maps marker a dialog will be presented identifying the markers purpose and the street location. In this dialog tapping the Info marker will draw a walking path to the next corresponding marker. No walking paths will be enabled between points that you would be on the bus.





If you have any suggestions of features or new quick routes you would like to see Please send us a e-mail from the link below.

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Screen Shots

steps directions
walk view